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startlogic-web-hosting-reviewClaiming to be the leading provider of Web solutions and hosting services, StartLogic has landed on number 20 on our list. With clients from all around the world using the advanced technology and services provided by StartLogic, many people are migrating from other service providers to StartLogic. Offering a multitude of services that includes hosting services, eCommerce solutions and state of the art security measures, StartLogic aims to display the fact that your idea deserves to be online, for the world to see. They offer a multitude of applications that are aimed at making your business more productive, supplemented by search engine optimization that brings more people looking for what you have to offer. After understanding what the customer needs, the guys at StartLogic then get to work, providing them with the best apt solution.


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email accounts



  • Unlimited number of hosted domains
  • Automatic site backup and restore
  • SiteLock acceleration and Firewall
  • Ecommerce Tools




Like Midphase, StartLogic also has something different to offer. Apart from the basic amenities they are providing a different functionality with each package. For instance the basic package which comes with a limited disk space, bandwidth and one email account and charged at $4.50 per month comes with Site Expresso, it is a very easy to use site builder for beginners. Now in the Pro Web Hosting account all the features are unlimited with the addition of hosted domains and is charged at $5.99 per month and it comes with web builder too (you can choose between the site expresso or the Weebly drag & drop builder). The premium package i.e. the Supercharge plan comes with everything StartLogic has to offer at $8.99 per month. Simply put you get every single feature from the StartLogic roster.



As discussed, StartLogic aims to provide with the best possible services to its customers. There are both positive and negative reviews for it all over the Internet. You will find people claiming it to be the perfect solution for all their business needs with no outage and state of the art security, there are others who will negate this. StartLogic only provides with automatic backup and restore facility to the “Supercharged” plan subscribers, so you’ll have to manage that on your own if you don’t have the “Supercharged” plan. Simply put the service is not the best you’ll find but it is certainly better than that of the others.




One of the very important and crucial things to successfully running/managing a website is the control panel. Now if the control panel is not too easy to use, then the basic need goes down the drain, so competing against the most popular cPanel, StartLogic offers vDeck with its hosting services. Now while vDeck might lack the popularity, but it is a very solid control panel with a very good graphical interface, which is very easy to operate. Some might even consider the look and feel of vDeck to be better than that of cPanel. The community toolbar present in vDeck along with HubSpot are some of the example applications that vDeck has to enhance the standing of your website.




Employing the knowledgebase from every case reported to them, the StartLogic customer support team devises a solution for all and any problem you might face. First of all, they have an online knowledgebase that allows for the techiest of us to get through the problem themselves. Otherwise phone support is available along with email and live chat support. You are bound to get a very quick reply by the team whichever method you use to contact them. So the next time you face a problem, don’t hesitate in contacting the customer support.



With all the three packages, StartLogic offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the quality of their services and you want to migrate to any other service provider then cancelling within the first 30 days of order, you can get a full refund. If the first thirty days passed and then you call for cancellation, there is a very minute chance that you get a fraction of your money back again.




The extra features provided along with the plans are what attract the customers most. StartLogic ranks pretty higher for Windows based hosting. Proving to be a very strong contender to many, StartLogic provides an impressive set of features and even superior customer support. Some might disagree with this statement but if you are a newbie and you want to have something to leverage you into the professionals, StartLogic is definitely worth a try. You are not likely to find many others who will provide you with a site builder along with the hosting plans. So take your time before going for a hosting plan to conduct a thorough research and then go for the one that suits your needs the best.





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