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powweb-web-hosting-reviewWith a plethora of awards, POWWEB has made a name for itself as a top-notch hosting service provider. At POWWEB, they understand that their customers are driven by a mission. So to help them fulfill that very mission, POWWEB aims to provide with state of the art web hosting services. Founded in 1999, they have established themselves as the leading service provider at a low cost. Aiming to cater to all the small and multinational businesses, they provide with scalable services that are unique because of the load balancing. Working to help their customers stand on their feet, they develop custom hosting software that is targeted to satisfy the customer’s needs. That being said their infrastructure has been developed in-house by their own programmers. Independently operating, they manage everything themselves.

Today they are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to performance and reliability in the industry. By valuing their customers they have maintained a place that has made them securing more customers.



  • Unlimited Disk Space (Raid Storage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Load Balancing Technology
  • FTP Access
  • Rock Solid UNIX Platform



  • WordPress Integration
  • phpBB Support
  • ShopSite Starter Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Integration




Now this is the best part about POWWEB, they only offer one plan. Starting at $3.88 per month, they offer everything they have. They have annual billing terms. For the 3 year term, they charge $3.88 per month. In this plan you pay $139.68 while saving $111.96. For the 2 year term they also charge $3.88 per month and you pay $93.12 and you save $110.64. The 1 year term comes with the price tag of $4.18 per month. In this plan you pay $50.16 while saving $57.72. Now just with the different prices you get the flexibility of payment and an armada of features at your disposal. This certainly is a plus point for POWWEB.



With regular backups, POWWEB ensures that your data remains in safe hands. In the event of a disaster, you can easily restore from the backup and resume your operations. Now over the course of the past few years POWWEB has received a plethora of awards for its services. In 2009 it claimed the Consumer Ranking Award. Even though they have the erected the infrastructure themselves, they use servers only by Dell. Moreover they employ BGP4 technology to be multi-homed to the Tier-1 backbone providers for the best possible routing and redundancy. Furthermore they employ OSPF Protocol for efficient load balancing. Simply put they have some of the best technology in place to provide you with consistent services.




Staying true to its nature (unique), POWWEB provides with the Member Operations Control Panel. While many service providers employ cPanel in its raw form and many others provide it custom branded with their identity, the OPS Control panel allows customers with a different kind of flexibility. Mainly it provides with six tabs i.e. Main, Personal, Packages, History, Accounting & DomReg. The main tab provides you with FAQS that allow you to efficiently use your account. The Package Tab lets you configure your hosting account. The Personal Tab allows you to change your personal information. DomReg tab is for Domain Registration. History tab logs all your changes and the accounting tab provides you with an interface for all the monetary operations.



First and foremost there is the knowledgebase that provides with an extensive guide to almost all of the problems that can occur and their solutions. For the ones who like to be self-sufficient, the knowledge base proves to be very helpful, but in case you don’t have any prior technical knowledge it might prove to be a problem. Available 24/7, any customer can contact them via their phone number, a short email or can even chat with a live representative. The live chat option is very helpful as the representative can help you get through any and all problems that you might face.



With your satisfaction as the main concern, POWWEB provides with a 0 day money back guarantee. If you go for a refund during the first 30 days of ordering an account with them, you’ll get all your hosting fees refunded but you have to note that the domain name you registered through them has a non-refundable $15 fee. Now this fee is non-refundable because you can easily migrate it to any other service if you opt out of their services. Now the tricky part is that the guarantee is only available for the ones who pay via their credit cards. The fee associated with other modes is too much, therefore the guarantee is not offered for other methods at this time.



Even though the features provided are very good, but POWWEB lacks some functionality. For instance at the same price there are other service provider who provide unlimited MySQL databases. That being said other amenities are very attractive and the customer support is also very good. POWWEB is definitely a good alternative if you are migrating from some other service provider.





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