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midphase-web-hosting-reviewMidphase was established in 1998, when some geeks got together with a vision to bring together people and businesses on the World Wide Web, trying to make the World Wide Web a better place for people to succeed in terms of their businesses. That being said, Midphase is a group of people who share that very same vision along with the values that drove the original founders of Midphase. Moreover they now have Mpower i.e. they are empowered to deliver innovation in the industry by thinking outside the box, defying the things that are hindering their creative process, forcing them to think more along the conventional terms. What sets Midphase apart is the fact that it is not headquartered in one place, they have built a global team that is spread in locations such as Cochin in India, Providence, Utah, London, Lviv and Ukraine. 


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Setup
  • Free Domain
  • One Website


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Static IP


Unlike many of the of the service providers out there, Midphase offers only two hosting packages but the price varies depending on the duration you want it for. The first package i.e. the Personal Web Hosting Package offers you Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Setup, Free Domain and One website at the following rates. They charge you $5.95 per month if you want it for only a month, $4.95 if you want it for a year, $3.95 if you want it for 2 years and $2.95 if you want to buy the package for 3 years. Similarly the Business Web Hosting adds a Free SSL Certificate along with a free static IP at the price of $10.95 for one month, $9.95 per month for 1 year, $8.95 per month for 2 years and $7.95 per month if you want it for 3 years. So this is something that adds value for customers i.e. if they go with Midphase for a very long time. Now other service providers don’t do anything like this, they have standard prices set at their packages for a no specific time period.



While Midphase boasts a plethora of good features, there are some reviews claiming that the quality of the service is not good enough whereas there are countless positive reviews. There was a customer who reported being their customer since 2008 and never had an outage or any such issue. He had never encountered any performance issue and never faced any issue with the backend functionality. That being said Midphase constantly stays on its toes to get the latest updates and security patches, so none of the sites on their servers is ever hacked. Many customers have faced a boost in the performance since they switched from their previous service providers. All in all, apart from some minor glitches the quality of the services provided by Midphase is fairly good.




Like many others Midphase provides with the highly acclaimed cPanel for website management. Providing with access to all of the features in a very graphical way, cPanel allows easy management of your website. While it might be cumbersome for new users, the tech savvy users will face no issue in setting up their sites. That being said cPanel has already categorized functionalities into groups that can be collapsed if you don’t want to view them. Now the new users might be dazed by the jam packed welcome screen when they log in for the first time. Even though it might feel like it is cluttered and messy, you can collapse the groups you don’t need at the moment and get on with your work. Moreover, the cPanel lacks further classification that might take up countless moments, where you figure out things.



As discussed in the introductory paragraph, the team behind Midphase is used to thinking out of the box. They go out of the way to provide their customers with the help. With a highly trained team available 24/7 you can contact them by any way you like and get your query addressed and any issue resolved. Unlike a multitude of other customer support services out there, the team at Midphase customer support is fully equipped with all the required knowledge to guide you through all and any issue you might face.



Like all the others on our list Midphase offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find anything conflicting your requirements or you simply want to migrate to another service provider, and you want your money back, then filing a cancelling application during the first 30 days will get you your money back. Otherwise calling for cancellation after the first 30 days won’t get you any of your money back.




Delivering much more than basic web hosting, Midphase provides its customers with added value. With versatile pricing plans, they openly display that the customer comes first for them. Where it may lack certain features, it makes up for them in terms of other provided services. Whether you are a practicing developer or a newbie, Midphase is certainly recommended. 





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