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IPOWER Website Hosting ReviewIPOWER was founded in the year 2001. With more than a decade of experience, it has established a very big clientele amongst others. With a plethora of features to offer, IPOWER aims to enable a multitude of business sizes all over the world. Some of the features include a custom control panel, access to more than 200 different tools, features and a multitude of high end services, give the customers enough flexibility to try a lot of different options on their website. From just a startup, IPOWER has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of services and clientele. That being said, more than a million customers from all around the world look up to IPOWER for their web hosting needs. Constantly looking for new ways to improve their service and provide customers with better support, IPOWER offers quite a lot of features.


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • A lot of allowed domains
  • Email Features


  • ShopSite
  • Commerce Features
  • MIME Types
  • Web based file manager



Now unlike other service providers, IPOWER provides most of the features in all the packages but limits the availability & quantity according to price. So basically they offer three plans, which are Starter, Pro & Pro Plus. Starting with the Starter plan at $3.99 per month, a customer gets a lot of options to 5GB of Disk Space and 250 GB of Bandwidth. Only one domain is supported by this plan and one MySQL Database comes with the plan. Now the Pro Plan comes with the price tag of $3.95 per month (on Sale right now). It features unlimited disk space, bandwidth and 1 free personalized domain name. The Pro Plus package is charged at $11.99 per month and it comes with everything IPOWER has to offer. So the Starter plan is a limited but that is good enough to get you accustomed with the quality of the services provided by IPOWER.



Considering the performance of websites hosted on IPOWER servers, the customer will face some problem. One can understand when a company is expanding and any lapse in the services occurs. There are cases that have been reported such that their sites have been hacked frequently, or the downtime of IPOWER is too much. Having such issues once in a while is acceptable but twice or thrice a week may give birth to a lot of problems for you.  While some customers face such issues, others enjoy uninterrupted service and support.  There are many long and loyal customers who haven’t faced any issue(s) in a very long time.




IPOWER provides its customer with a customized version of the vDeck control panel. Now many have claimed that it is not as good as the cPanel, but it is at par with it in terms of functionalities. It might take some time getting used to but the ones with some prior technical knowledge will face no problem learning their way around the control panel. The functionality and the interface of the control panel is very crucial, the control panel provided by IPOWER performs pretty well in all cases. It is very understandable that you might take a disliking to it on your first visit, but it is not as bad as you might think. Try to let it grow on you.




Even though the features are great, operating them might be a cumbersome task for many.  That is where customer support comes in. With a team of highly trained specialists IPOWER aims to provide with the best customer support to its customers. While there might be times you might fail to convey what is the problem exactly and get aggravated with them, but be patient. They are being paid to help you, they will try everything in their power to help you get through the problem. You can reach the customer through a phone, email or even live chat.



Like all of the service provider, IPOWER provides with a 0 day money back guarantee with all of its hosting plans. If you want to migrate to another service provider, or you have found anything that contradicts with your interests, then cancelling within the first 30 days of ordering will get you your money back. You have to keep this in mind but the refunded money is valid for credit card payments only.



Although the company has made a notorious repo throughout the Internet, the services they provide are really good. Offering you unlimited features they provide even more than what you require. The prices they charge are quite reasonable. The customer support service is also really good, that is why you should definitely give IPOWER a chance. Unlike many others who charge a lot for their services, IPOWER provides with reasonable prices and really great services. So the next time you need to check out some service provider, give IPOWER a chance.





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