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GoDaddy Website Hosting ReviewAlmost as old as the Internet itself, GoDaddy has been around for a very long time. Created to provide people with an easy way of getting their ideas online, GoDaddy has seen better days. From just a small shop now they have more than 12 million customers all over the world and more than 55 million domains under management. All over the world, it was easily said to be the leading company providing the best hosting services around. That being said they still aim to help people easily start up their venture, confidently grow to compete on a larger scale and ultimately go global with their ideas. Simply put GoDaddy is one of the very first web hosting services that has survived this long. 


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plenty of Disk Space
  • At least 10 MySQL Databases
  • At least 100 Email Addresses
  • 10 Fotolia Photo Credits


  • Premium DNS
  • SSL Certificate


Like many others on our list GoDaddy provides with the three packages. Now here is the fun part, they detect your locality and tell you the prices in your local currency. That being said, I am from Pakistan and the prices is quoted in rupees. The first and the simplest package is the Economy plan, it comes for Rs549 per month with 1 website, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100GB Disk Space, 10 MySQL Databases, 100 Email addresses and 10 Fotolia credits. Now the Deluxe package comes for Rs699 per month with Unlimited Websites, Bandwidth & Disk Space. Along with that you get 25 MySQL Databases, 500 Email Addresses & 10 Fotolia Photo Credits. Last but definitely not the least there is the Ultimate package that comes at Rs899 per month. It comes with everything unlimited with just 1000 Email Addresses and Premium DNS and a SSL certificate. These prices are very good as compared to the others on the same list.


With all the features that you can want in place, what you need the most is good performance. This is an area where GoDaddy might be in trouble. Not only do their servers come frequently under attack but their servers also go offline for a very long time. Now if it happens once in a blue moon due to some maintenance it is acceptable, only if they notify beforehand. Unannounced downtime is very irritating. While some may face problems in this case others find it very helpful. They claim that GoDaddy has been the missing link to their unstoppable success. 


While some offer vDeck for Linux based hosting accounts, GoDaddy provides with the universally acclaimed cPanel for its Linux based accounts. Simple and very easy to use, cPanel allows the users to set up and have their website running in no time. Similarly they offer the Plesk control Panel for the Windows based accounts. That being said both the control panel have been modified to display a simple and intuitive user interface. With support to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more Content Management Services, you can give your website the much desired makeover in just one click. Now what good would a hosting service would be if you are not able to work your way around the files and extensions without much hassle. So GoDaddy scores a lot in this area.


The hosting account at GoDaddy comes with a lot of tips and tricks (little hacks that you can put in place to optimize the performance of your website). Accessible at any hour of the day, these tips will provide you with a walkthrough to the resolution of your problem. Containing information that can be easily processed by beginners and pro programmers alike, this help content is for everyone. If you find that your problem isn’t listed in that repository you can always contact the Customer support via phone or email. Available 24/7, they are fully equipped with the best knowledge to help you get around your problem. They have a global customer support, even though they are servicing mounds of people at each passing instant you might have to wait some time to get your call connected.


Like everyone out there, GoDaddy provides with a 30 day money back guarantee. Cancellation within the first thirty days of the order will get you in store credit refund of all the paid fee along with the cost of domain registration at the current value. If you cancel the services after the first thirty days you get in store credit refund for the remaining fee paid, along with the domain name registration cost at the then current value.


So GoDaddy is a very good option amongst the sea of others. Even though they have been scrutinized extremely, they still manage to rise above them all. Providing with all of the essentials they make sure that the new users are happy and the old users stay with them. It is not just that they make everything for the greenhorn users but they also provide with advanced tools so that their users can keep track of the performance of their website. Although the fee kind of turns the tables, services by GoDaddy prove to be versatile and very efficient.





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