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Coolhandle Website Hosting ReviewStarting off as a group of IT professionals, CoolHandle has come a long way from there and established themselves as one of the best service providers in town. Conceived in 2001 as an opportunity to reshape the face of web hosting, CoolHandle provides its customers with 100% satisfaction. This is brought about by employing professional methods and techniques to service customers, supplemented by a very professional yet friendly customer support. Not only that but they bring forth a vast sea of knowledge on how to set up and get your website going and troubleshooting, as they have been serving in web hosting on various platforms, particularly Linux and Apache. By taking feedback from their customers they try to improve their services continuously, and ensure that every one of the customer’s query is answered effectively and efficiently. 


  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • DNS management
  • SSH shell access
  • Statistics reporting 


  • Fantastico Integration
  • Support for PHP5, PERL, Ruby on Rails
  • Domain name services
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Web Design Services
  • CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) Services


Like many others, CoolHandle offers three packages. Starting off there is a Starter plan which costs around $29.95 per month and gives you Unlimited Storage Space and Bandwidth, one free domain name, domain privacy, supports up to 5 domains, allows 5 parked domains, no dedicated IP address and free setup. Then we have the Business plan which costs around $39.95 per month and adds to the number of domains allowed and parked domains by a 95 and it allows a dedicated IP at the cost of $4.99.  The premium plan i.e. the PRO plan provides with all the features of the first two plan with unlimited allowed and parked domains along with a free dedicated IP address. Now these prices are very high as compared to MyHosting and InterServer, but the guys at CoolHandle say that they provide you with the best services for this price.


Now CoolHandle might be charging a lot for their services, saying that it is only to improve upon their services, but many customers face a lot of problems with it. Many customers complain that their servers can be down for a very long time which is just not acceptable, similarly if they are charging for their services this much, they should have proper encryption techniques employed for their data. People say that their sites are too often hacked and it is very hard for people to retrieve basic yet crucial information like login credentials into the cPanel. So simply put, the performance is very poor as compared to others in the same tier, you have to toil hard to know find your way around the hosting service. 


CoolHandle provides you with the highly acclaimed cPanel for all your web management related needs. Even though it is a very simple and easy to use interface, many users still get confused as to what to do in order to get what they want. That being said, CoolHandle’s hosting services allow you full access to the root directory. Now a days many people prefer the hosting just because it offers the management via cPanel, so for that CoolHandle gets plus points. Simply put when you go for CoolHandle without any prior technical knowledge you might face some time learning the ropes around the cPanel but other than that it might not be much of an issue.


Now this is another area where some customers are dissatisfied, rather than having a straight up solution to the problem you face, many call center representatives usually recommend to open a ticket with the technical support (which by the way is not reachable), which might take up to months to get to resolution. Now with a growing customer base it is very understandable that the resolution to an issue might take some time but they are even unable to help you retrieve the password to log into your cPanel. 


This is the factor that leaves CoolHandle on a very huge demerit. A lot of cases have been reported where the customers, when signed up, were charged some hidden fees. This in itself is a huge issue, but when the customers complained they tried to retain them by telling why they should keep their account at CoolHandle. Even though they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, the processing takes up so much time that renders it void.  


So it can be said that while CoolHandle boasts very good features and a lot of add-ons, it is a very good option, which can provide solutions to many of your problems, but that is where the pros end. The services provided are not easy to use, the customer support is very bad and lacks certain professionalism when it comes to guiding users to the resolution.





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