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Updated: August 2014


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1BlueHost Web Hosting ReviewBluehost Website Hosting Best Top Reviews$3.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimitedAnytimeRead
2HostGator Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.96$15.00UnlimitedUnlimited45 DayRead
3iPage Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$1.891 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
4JustHost Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$2.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
5HostPapa Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
6FatCow Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.151 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
7Inmotion Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$5.99$11.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
8OMNIS Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$5.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
9HostMonster Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$6.991 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
10Jaguar Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.95$12.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
11Servage Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$6.201 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
12IX Hosting Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.953 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
13WebhostingPad Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$1.991 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
14GreenGeeks Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$7.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
15MyHosting Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
16Interserver Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.95NoUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
17CoolHandle Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
18Registercom Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.951 Free5 GB250 GB30 DayRead
19MindPhase Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$2.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
20StartLogic Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
21iPower Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.251 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
22NetFirms Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.451 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
23GoDaddy Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$2.99$12.17100 GBUnlimited30 DayRead
24FastDomains Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$6.951 FreeUnlimitedUnlimitedNoRead
25Superb Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.991 Free20 GBUnlimited30 DayRead
26Powweb Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$3.881 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
271and1 Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$4.991 FreeUnlimitedUnlimited30 DayRead
28HostRocket Web Hosting ReviewBest Website Hosting Reviews Top Hosting Providers$5.99NoUnlimitedUnlimitedNoRead

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Finding a web hosting service that will suit your needs can be tricky at times. Are paid hosts always better than free ones or could you find free hosting that will suit your needs? What prices are within reason? What services do you really need? We will explain all of this.

There are many web hosting providers out there that offer various packages depending on your needs. If you are new to this, it can be confusing, I know. When I was first searching for a web hosting provider, I was not sure where I should start. This is why I will share my experiences with you and offer you some tips on how to choose a web hosting provider.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to this or are searching for a new web host, there are several things you have to consider when searching for a host.


As there are many, many web hosting companies, you will soon find out that many of them offer quite similar plans within a similar price range and their reputation is also on the same level. Which one is better then? Should you choose one randomly? Of course not. Always check if there are some special features, incentives and offers. Choose the company that offers better deals. For instance, one company may offer free transfer of your website from your previous host while the other company would charge for that transfer.


The price is one of the most important aspect and affects your decision making, but it should not be the only factor. There are many web hosting providers with extremely cheap offers. The issue with such cheap offers is that they most likely do not have the highest quality hardware and are most likely outsourcing their tech support. This usually means that the overall quality of their offer is lower. High quality gear and inbound tech support cost more, hence why it’s impossible to offer a $2.50 hosting plan; such cheap plans can’t cover the costs. If your website should bring revenue, don’t settle for cheap offers.


Even if you aren’t really tech-savvy, the user interface for controlling your website should be user friendly and easy to use. You should be able to set up FTP accounts, emails and WordPress without the help of the tech support. Make sure to check how the user interface looks like as you will be the one working with it.


Search for that service which provides exceptional customer support. Website hosting companies will probably claim they have 24-7 support, however this probably will not ensure you will get fast, educated service. Analyze the response of the customer service personnel before investing in any long-lasting website hosting agreement.


Website Hosting can be a continuously transforming setting. An incredible Web hosting Service right now is probably not guaranteed to be the same in a few months. A Money-back Guarantee provides the piece of mind and capability to test a Web hosting service and see whether it meets or surpasses your own expectations. If not, simply cancel it and check out another one on your list. Fundamentally it gives a piece of mind.


You will find thousands of website hosting services on the market. It is critical to choose a website hosting service that best fits your needs and is affordable. Research all of the above points and compare them all before you decide on the best website hosting provider for you.

Finally, keep in mind that selecting a web hosting company exclusively on price alone is bad practice.



1&1 Website Hosting Review (

1&1 Website Hosting Review 1&1 Internet Inc. has been around for a very long time. Claiming to be the best That being said the main aim of 1and1 Internet Inc. is to provide its customers with cost effective solutions with sound support, which will give birth to a very long lasting the business the guys at 1&1 Internet Inc. make sure that you bring your idea online. Without compromising on the quality or the price they provide their customers with innovative products. Their CEO said that it is their goal to bring innovative products first in the market. Without compromising the strength and reliability of the idea. Starting off as pioneers in the industry 1&1 will keep thinking out of the box and bring you great products. With an impressive clientele that is composed of more than 12.5 million customers, they aim to keep moving forward by providing their customers with irresistibly convenient packages.

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Bluehost Website Hosting Review (

Bluehost Website Hosting ReviewBlueHost offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans. Their most popular options are the shared hosting plans they offer. The company was founded in 2003 and is part of the Endurance International Group with both HostMonster and FastDomain. The company doesn’t outsource anything: they have superb in-house customer support that will quickly help their users with any issue they may stumble upon.
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Coolhandle Website Hosting Review (

Coolhandle Website Hosting ReviewStarting off as a group of IT professionals, CoolHandle has come a long way from there and established themselves as one of the best service providers in town. Conceived in 2001 as an opportunity to reshape the face of web hosting, CoolHandle provides its customers with 100% satisfaction. This is brought about by employing professional methods and techniques to service customers, supplemented by a very professional yet friendly customer support. Not only that but they bring forth a vast sea of knowledge on how to set up and get your website going and troubleshooting, as they have been serving in web hosting on various platforms, particularly Linux and Apache. By taking feedback from their customers they try to improve their services continuously, and ensure that every one of the customer’s query is answered effectively and efficiently. 

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FastDomain Website Hosting Review (

FastDomain Website Hosting ReviewFastDomain has been around since 2005, providing web hosting solutions to countless businesses and personal accounts. With comparatively less price, FastDomain provides its customers with very powerful tools to get their ideas online. When you select FastDomain, you are not only getting a website but great customer support, really quality equipment and maximum guaranteed uptime (so that your site stays alive as long as they can keep it). Claiming to have the best security protocols, they aim to provide your business the best security they can. Confident enough to claim that, they provide with very friendly support that aims to get you through all of your problems. They say “Our veteran hosting team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your site a success.” 

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FatCow Website Hosting Review (

FatCow Website Hosting ReviewFatCow hosting has been around since 1998 and was later on acquired by Endurance International Group and it became an integral part of the group. When compared to other hosting companies, they have taken quite a different approach. As they state on their website, they saw too much tech babble and wanted to create simple and easy to use hosting plans for personal and small business users. They wish to simplify the task of starting a website and they are friendly towards new users who aren’t that experienced with website hosting. They offer two hosting packages only, and you are able to purchase upgrades for additional price.

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GoDaddy Website Hosting Review (

GoDaddy Website Hosting ReviewAlmost as old as the Internet itself, GoDaddy has been around for a very long time. Created to provide people with an easy way of getting their ideas online, GoDaddy has seen better days. From just a small shop now they have more than 12 million customers all over the world and more than 55 million domains under management. All over the world, it was easily said to be the leading company providing the best hosting services around. That being said they still aim to help people easily start up their venture, confidently grow to compete on a larger scale and ultimately go global with their ideas. Simply put GoDaddy is one of the very first web hosting services that has survived this long. 

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GreenGeeks Website Hosting Review (

GreenGeeks Website Hosting ReviewGreenGeeks, formed in 2006, is a leader in eco-friendly website hosting, based in Los Angeles, California. Servicing over 150 countries, GreenGeeks has packages for every kind of user, ranging from the beginner to the seasoned professional. GreenGeeks offers VPS and Reseller hosting, as well as Shared and Dedicated server packages. If you’re interested in state of the art server hardware, dependable hardware providers, and choosing a more environmentally friendly option for an affordable price, GreenGeeks ranks highly for those in search of those qualifiers.

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HostMonster Website Hosting Review (

HostMonster Website Hosting ReviewHostMonster is a US-based company that was launched in 1996. They are a part of the Endurance International Group and a sister company to BlueHost and FastDomain. HostMonster focuses mostly on their shared hosting plan, but offers both VPS and dedicated hosting at reasonable prices as well.

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HostGator Website Hosting Review (

HostGator Website Hosting ReviewHostGator hosting provides shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller web hosting for both small and large businesses. The Houston, Texas based company is a great example of a job well done. Since 2002, it has grown into one of the leading hosting providers out there. It doesn't matter if you are an individual freelancer in need of a shared hosting plan or a large company that searches for a dedicated server, HostGator has just the right plan for your needs.

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HostPapa Website Hosting Review (

HostPapa Website Hosting ReviewHostPapa is based in Canada and they offer web-hosting services that revolve around reseller and shared hosting. The privately held company was founded in 2006 with a goal of providing affordable shared and reseller hosting powered by green energy.

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HostRocket Website Hosting Review (

HostRocket Website Hosting ReviewEstablished in 1999, HostRocket has made a name for themselves in terms of providing with high end hosting services starting from their hometown of Clifton Park, NY. Since then, HostRocket has been working to reshape and revolutionize the way web hosting is being provided to the customers. Keeping their customers in the loop, HostRocket aims to bring forth a positive evolution in terms of web hosting provision. They believe that the extent of a customer’s involvement in their proceedings could help them a lot (and by involvement in proceedings they mean the customers’ input regarding new product development). DotBlock was founded as a sister company by HostRocket, to provide their customers with independently sourced VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server).

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InMotion Website Hosting Review (

InMotion Website Hosting ReviewInMotion Hosting offers a wide range of business, VPS and dedicated hosting options. They focus on business and corporate users and provide a wide range of services and flexible plans. Even the most demanding users will find a plan that suits them well and has a reasonable price tag.

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InterServer Website Hosting Review (

InterServer Website Hosting ReviewLocated in the heart of New Jersey, InterServer has made a name for itself over the past few years. They provide unmatched webhosting services at very affordable costs. What sets them apart is the extent of quality services they provide. When you require reliable services, supplemented with safe datacenters along with superb customer support, InterServer has it all. Offering some of the best packages compared to others, they provide with 100% power guarantee. With that you get a 99.5% uptime guarantee, allowing you to keep your website online. Simply put they provide with the best VPS hosting combined with the best prices as compare to others.

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iPage Website Hosting Review (

ipage-web-hosting-reviewiPage specializes in shared hosting, but also offers VPN and dedicated hosting plans. The company has been around since 1998 and currently holds more than a million websites. They host personal, non-profit and business websites and their plans are quite flexible.

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IPOWER Website Hosting Review (

IPOWER Website Hosting ReviewIPOWER was founded in the year 2001. With more than a decade of experience, it has established a very big clientele amongst others. With a plethora of features to offer, IPOWER aims to enable a multitude of business sizes all over the world. Some of the features include a custom control panel, access to more than 200 different tools, features and a multitude of high end services, give the customers enough flexibility to try a lot of different options on their website. From just a startup, IPOWER has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of services and clientele. That being said, more than a million customers from all around the world look up to IPOWER for their web hosting needs. Constantly looking for new ways to improve their service and provide customers with better support, IPOWER offers quite a lot of features.

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IX Web Hosting Review (

IX Web Hosting Review

 The IX web hosting company provides shared, VPS and cloud hosting to their clients. The Columbus, Ohio based company was founded in 1999 and it has grown ever since. Today they host over 470,000 web sites. All their hosting plans are available on Linux and Windows platforms.  


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JaguarPC Website Hosting Review (

JaguarPC Website Hosting ReviewJaguarPC is a privately owned company that provides internet hosting solutions to individuals, as well as small and medium sized businesses. The company was founded in 1998 and has branched out and includes subsidiary businesses (Devpond Software, Aletia Hosting and They offer shared, VPS, Hybrid and dedicated server hosting solutions to their customers.

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JustHost Website Hosting Review (

Just Host Website Hosting ReviewJustHost is a US based hosting provider that focuses on budget web hosting, shared and reseller hosting. They also offer VPS and dedicated hosting, but their focus is on shared hosting primarily. They offer very good discounts for signing up with them and an unlimited money back guarantee.

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Midphase Website Hosting Review (

midphase-web-hosting-reviewMidphase was established in 1998, when some geeks got together with a vision to bring together people and businesses on the World Wide Web, trying to make the World Wide Web a better place for people to succeed in terms of their businesses. That being said, Midphase is a group of people who share that very same vision along with the values that drove the original founders of Midphase. Moreover they now have Mpower i.e. they are empowered to deliver innovation in the industry by thinking outside the box, defying the things that are hindering their creative process, forcing them to think more along the conventional terms. What sets Midphase apart is the fact that it is not headquartered in one place, they have built a global team that is spread in locations such as Cochin in India, Providence, Utah, London, Lviv and Ukraine. 

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MyHosting Website Hosting Review (

myhosting-web-hosting-reviewResiding in Canada, MyHosting has its headquarters in Toronto. Since it started, it now claims to have more than 50K customers. Dedicated to providing reliable services at a cost effective rate, MyHosting uses services and technology provided by world renowned giants namely MCI Canada, Cisco, Microsoft and many others. With their mission set to providing their customers with the best value for their money, MyHosting provides with very consistent services. Not to boast but they have received awards for best VPS hosting, best budget hosting and for the best web hosting reseller, not only that but they have received very good reviews from leading corporations. 


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Netfirms Website Hosting Review (

netfirms-web-hosting-reviewFounded in 1998, NetFirms is a group of likeminded professionals who would like to see you bring your ideas to the World Wide Web. Passionate about helping you do it, NetFirms bring a multitude of professional grade features to anyone who would like to bring their ideas online. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, an entrepreneur, developer, thinker or designer NetFirms has something to help out all and anyone of them. With state of the art reliable technology, simple and affordable solutions are brought to everyone. With a clientele that spans across the globe, NetFirms is still providing some of the best technology to its customers. Since starting up, NetFirms has grown into one of the largest solution providers around the world. That being said, more than 1.2 million websites are currently being powered by NetFirms. That is impressive and takes a lot of hard work to retain this many customers.


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OMNIS Website Hosting Review (

omnis-web-hosting-reviewOmnis Network provides Windows and Linux based shared hosting, as well as VPS and dedicated server hosting to their clients. The company was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing enterprise based hosting services. They serve more than 400,000 domain names and are among the medium sized web hosting providers. They started out with the goal of providing affordable web hosting and domain name registration services. The company grew quickly and today they provide VPS and dedicated server hosting, as well as shared hosting packages.

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POWWEB Website Hosting Review (

powweb-web-hosting-reviewWith a plethora of awards, POWWEB has made a name for itself as a top-notch hosting service provider. At POWWEB, they understand that their customers are driven by a mission. So to help them fulfill that very mission, POWWEB aims to provide with state of the art web hosting services. Founded in 1999, they have established themselves as the leading service provider at a low cost. Aiming to cater to all the small and multinational businesses, they provide with scalable services that are unique because of the load balancing. Working to help their customers stand on their feet, they develop custom hosting software that is targeted to satisfy the customer’s needs. That being said their infrastructure has been developed in-house by their own programmers. Independently operating, they manage everything themselves.

Today they are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to performance and reliability in the industry. By valuing their customers they have maintained a place that has made them securing more customers.


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Register Website Hosting Review (

registercom-web-hosting-reviewOver the past few years, has made a name for itself as the leading webhosting service provider. With more than two and a half million domains currently being managed, they have established themselves pretty well, amongst the plethora of services they provide some of the major ones are domain name registration, web management services and web design services. It was a singular company functioning on its own but recently has acquired it, aiming to provide their customers with hosting space and much more flexibility. Enabling their customers, allows their customer to build dynamic websites with much prior technological knowledge. Backed by an always available customer support, provides with a multitude of options to choose from.


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Servage Website Hosting Review (

servage-web-hosting-reviewServage One was founded back in 1998, but had a different name. The company grew steadily and today they serve almost 200,000 websites and offer shared and VPS hosting packages. They have only two pricing packages, one for shared and one for VPS hosting, which may seem a bit scarce at first glance, but the features that are included are very good, as well as the prices.

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StartLogic Website Hosting Review (

startlogic-web-hosting-reviewClaiming to be the leading provider of Web solutions and hosting services, StartLogic has landed on number 20 on our list. With clients from all around the world using the advanced technology and services provided by StartLogic, many people are migrating from other service providers to StartLogic. Offering a multitude of services that includes hosting services, eCommerce solutions and state of the art security measures, StartLogic aims to display the fact that your idea deserves to be online, for the world to see. They offer a multitude of applications that are aimed at making your business more productive, supplemented by search engine optimization that brings more people looking for what you have to offer. After understanding what the customer needs, the guys at StartLogic then get to work, providing them with the best apt solution.

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Superb Internet Website Hosting Review (

Superb-internet-web-hosting-reviewSuperb Internet has been providing a multitude of people with world class web hosting services. They have made a name for themselves in managed hosting services, dedicated servers, VPS hosting services, server colocation services and shared hosting services along with domain name registration. They aim to provide their customers with a platform to express themselves and bring their ideas to the world. With the latest technology at their expense they provide with innovative ideas to fulfill your business needs.

The guys behind Superb Internet are used to thinking out of the box, so they provide with solutions that even though are un-conventional would prove to be the very thing that your business needed for a long time. May you need something related to eCommerce or you might have media hosting needs, they provide with viable solutions at very good price. That being said they are an award winning company ranked number one.

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WebHostingPad Website Hosting Review (


Created by a group of seasoned industry professionals in 2005, WebhostingPad currently hosts over 150,000 domains worldwide. Since its formation, WebhostingPad has expanded tremendously, with much success attributed to its $1.99 hosting fee. Despite being a smaller hosting site, WebhostingPad’s offerings have attracted a number of dedicated users around the world. WebhostingPad’s client base, primarily personal users and small to medium sized businesses, reap the benefits of having access to hosting services for a remarkably low price, but it’s difficult to discern whether WebhostingPad’s other features compare. 

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